Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Art

This one hasn't gotten its resin top layer yet, but I couldn't wait to post her.

And a couple of journal pages - I've been drawing while listening to songs and the words make their way in - I'm sure this will morph again in the eventual painting if there is one

Listening: Keep the Car Running, Arcade Fire

Listening: At Last, Neko Case


  1. ^^^ How interesting and creative! I would really love to see the complete page of the creature drawing.

  2. thank you! there's not much more to it - sadly I can't photograph my journal too well as it doesn't lie flat!

  3. Hi Ivey, had to comment on these journal pages - they're so whimsical! And what a coincidence - I'm a big fan of Arcade Fire! I'm glad to see someone else that's also just started blogging (or posting here anyway)and is a Milliande 'convert' too :) I'm hitting the follow button. I'm heading back to Milliande to add you too! Jenine