Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paper Yum

Paper Yum is about my love of paper. I turn paper into wearables.
Vintage finds, fine Japanese Chiyogami papers, and some select reproductions are transformed with nontoxic methods and .925 sterling silver.

What's the difference between Paper Yum and other glass and scrabble pendants?
Sterling silver - for the longevity of the piece, for your sensitive skin, for your sophisticated taste.

I also offer pieces in brass which I have had antiqued through a nickel-free process in the USA, to my own specifications. No more mystery metal - just antiqued-finished nickel free brass. I myself can wear these pieces and I'm fairly allergic to nickel.

I do offer some plated for those interested in fast and fashionable fun - but personally, I choose to wear sterling - I'm allergic to plated myself!

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