Sunday, March 7, 2010

What else makes Paper Yum different?

I just pulled some things from the shop, because I just didn't feel right offering them.

It bothers me that so many pendants are sold using hobby crafter medium to hold the photos in place - this glaze is a great nontoxic product, and I absolutely would use it for my own gratification, but I just can't bring myself to sell things that you can't touch with a wet fingerprint or that you have to remember to take off just to do the dishes - never mind walking into the shower with it on.

I've found a suitable replacement - that still is considerably less toxic and environmentally damaging than a lot of two-part resins, but it's jewelry-grade. It behaves as plastic should.

If I'm going to be focusing on sterling silver options, it only makes sense to tie them into durable resin lacquers. Even in the cases where a bail might be silver plate - even if the pendant is a scrabble tile pendant - you deserve jewelry that lasts. Sure it's a little more expensive than some of the other options out there, but the lasting enjoyment will be worth it.

Here's a photo of a new offering - sterling silver chain and bail, resin and glass pendant with reproduction paper. It's scrabble-tile size - teeny!

The macro lens I have is relentlessly unsparing - I swear when I look for bubbles in the actual pendant I can stare and stare and not see any!

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