Saturday, April 17, 2010

trellis fairy - new art

trellis fairy, originally uploaded by paperyum.

Hanging around the studio all day the other day - this was the result. 40's wine bottle labels, Edwardian birds and newsprint, ink, acrylic, my usual blend of junk.

Taxes = Learning Experience

I'm not one of those people who rail against it- much - I'm perfectly happy to pay whatever I have to pay. With one exception, noted below.

I just wish it were a little easier to figure out WHAT that is. Even using Turbo Tax and spreadsheets, it would have been nice to know exactly what my categorical breakdowns are supposed to be PRIOR to adding up my deductions only to find out I was going to have to break them down some other way, grr. Anyhow - this isn't about the annoying parts of doing taxes. Really, it's not.

I'm not the most organized puppy, and filing forces me to take a nice macro look at my business, my finances and how I handle or fail to handle money. It's kind of a trip going through statements and being able to retrace my steps on travel based on the receipts. It's kind of a relief to see that yes, most of my spending IS business related spending - so when dough passes through my hands at least it's not just going off into some kind of vacuum.

An interesting fact: the average self employed person made a little over 17 grand at their business.

Whoa. That's either a lot of really struggling people or a lot of creative deductions out there.

I guess it's nice to know I'm in the same boat as a lot of people - better than average, in fact, but that's a scary-ass leaking boat if ever there was. It makes me wonder - are the people doing this really young? Really flying by the seat of their pants? Also having a second job if not at least a significant second income? How does that average out so low? What's the point of having a business when it puts you below the poverty level?

I personally quit my part-time whatever job day jobs when I could honestly say that I was losing money by being there. Don't other people do a similar assessment?

It's all kind of mysterious and interesting.

Most self employed people probably do what I did, which is wonder at how much darn money they manage to shuffle through the economy. We are the wealth spreaders, all right. I wonder if my vendors like me better than my customers sometimes.

My one serious protestation is the fact that I detest the self employment tax. There is no reason that someone who's going off on their own, trying to actually do Capitalism and Freedom and Pickup Trucks and all that should be dinged for having the brass balls to fly solo. When we're averaging 17 grand a year, it's just cruel.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Free Twitter Icon

Consider this a virtutal peep - a little Easter candy for you! Feel free to use this charming vintage chick in lieu of whatever blue T thing you get your followers with. Just right click, save as is all I ask.