Monday, March 4, 2013

Art and Fear and Tam Laporte's class

Art and Healing Class @

So, here's the thing. The art I'm making now is happy art. It is hopeful art. It is beautiful art.

This scares the living crap out of me!

Everything I did in the past was about investigating problems, creating problems, confronting problems, exposing the dark and discordant problems of how our culture constantly messes up. It wasn't necessarily dark art - it still had its playful, cool, irony. Oh how cool. How comfortable, how hip.

I remember being thrown off in college by the classic assignment "whatever you are doing do the opposite." i couldn't embrace my opposite.  I remember the exhortation to give up control. I didn't want to be sentimental, naive, craft-centered, visually "safe" - God forbid - decorative and "safe" and craft were fine - for OTHER people, that was clear.

What a difference some growing up makes.

The old opposite becomes the new me. And that's an intense thing to actually accept.

So - actually clicking on this, for me, feels like sneaking out of the house and meeting up with a secret rendevous. Naughty and wonderful.

I don't know where I saw the "life book" classes being discussed initially, and I admit I wrote them off a bit. How to make large eyed girls, pretty, cool, I felt kind of "whatevs" because there are SO MANY online art courses lately, a lot of them with overlapping aesthetics.  There's something about Tam's girls that comes across as a little deeper though, there's something that I felt connected to or drawn to in some way, I realize now in retrospect.

Heart, healing? HIGHLY suspect stuff for someone as bottled up as I am.

However, I've got an autoimmune disease so "healing" is something I reluctantly look for sometimes, I had a free Sunday and I figured as they say "what they hey." It's free, right. I realize that free is a sales tool, I'm a pro also, so it would have to be something extraordinary to really reel me in for another round.

I was skeptical. It serves me well.  And now I am fairly certain that I'll be joining up for Life Book.

The first installment did more for me than many rounds of therapy. (Art Therapy, words that send me screaming into the night normally!)  Who knew?  Tam has Hypnosis and NLP certification, and even though I recognized the strategies of NLP in the writing part of the assignment, I'd never looked at the issue of negative self-talk with QUITE the same lens. It was one of those rare, unexpected TRULY transformative moments I've ever had in a class, and I'm not going to give away any more.  Everyone who can pick up a pencil or crayon should consider this assignment. Everyone who wants to improve their outlook and "get their head right" should consider this assignment. It's just that simple and perfect, as metaphors and gestures really are when you let them in.

This is one of those few free things that really IS a gift, I can't stress it enough.  Thanks Tam, for offering up the opportunity for everyone who wants it. It's time well spent.

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