Friday, March 1, 2013

Supply Side Friday: Kickin' It Old School: Manto Fev

Hey lovely people.

New Feature - Supply Side Friday!

Look for the tag when you want to read them all - and I'm going to dedicate Fridays to a shop, source, tool, or material.

Today: Manto Fev.
Have you been to Manto Fev?

Maybe you're saying "duh." Then you know.

Maybe you're saying "what?"  Then you should hasten on over to this charmingly minimalistic an un-gussied up shop which is all about the stuff.  You'll find an amazing mix of charms and materials, some of the designer items, but where Manto Fev really outshines a lot of the competition is in its offerings of inexpensive, often bundled - ACTUAL FACTUAL old stuff.

This is the stuff that the collage-sheetists digitize.  Handwritten notes, odd tickets and ledger papers, weird tokens, vintage cards and greeting cards, and all that old old acidic yellowing patina!  I can scarcely contain myself.

Here's some awesome, subject to availability:

Vintage Paper Ephemera at Manto Fev

Labels! Nice ones.


 matchbook mania.

I love Sarah's sense of humor too, and the personality of the shop really shines without having to "look crafty".  Visit. Really.

Oh and the prices are pretty special - actual vintage from Manto Fev  is often less expensive than popular reproductions.

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