Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Print: Great Escape

New Shop Stuff:  Print!

Last night was one of those strange nights of total artistic failure and then a modicum of success when you remember to take a deep breath and switch directions.  I was working on something very intuitive, loose and messy, watching this image parade through variation after variation, none of them exactly what I wanted.

I wound up covering everything with gesso and paper. Working time: 9 hours.  

Sometimes them's just the breaks as they say.

So - long after I probably should have gone to sleep - I popped open one of my myriad 9x9 journals, and started drawing. 

It's everything the other isn't. Tight, straightforward, bright, flat, logical.  And it came on quickly and happily. Working time, about 2 or 3 hours. I didn't count too carefully.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Hawk Image Transfer Project

My favorite bird, actually, the pint-sized, brightly colored, female Kestrel, a tiny falcon, an outstanding avian Mom, and a killer of moths. Her mate is superdad, and even brighter blue on his wings.

This version uses the gel medium transfer method.

I'm in favor of less sparrow, more sparrowhawk.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Image Transfer - Hawk Image Transfers

I decided to play with some image transfer possibilities. I recently came across this magnificent page from a 1914 book on birds - my favorite raptors all on two sides, under no copyright (I researched.)  Natrually, I had to scan.

it's about to get messy

I covered some wood rounds in some decorative paper,  and augmented with pen, gesso, paint and distress inks. 

Then I used the wax paper method of transfer with my printer. Many many failures, one just about perfect, distressed but still legible. Boy that's not as easy as people make it look in the tutorials.  You really have to experiment with wetting and not wetting your surface, and different settings for the inking. I think I like the gel medium method better - it's still plenty unpredictable but legible more often.

Any tips for a better wax paper (label sheet with labels peeled off) inkjet transfer experience?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cliff Roberts Via Pinterest

Source: via Girl on Pinterest

Bon Appetit : Digital Collage

Quick and dirty digital collage for the Collage Circus group on Flickr.  The size is smallish, as the images were for online resolutions.

Click and visit my photostream

Collage Circus posts a collage sheet for the group on a weekly basis, and everyone can submit a digital or analog version of what they choose to do with the elements.  Digital collage for me, is a good playtime, just a low-key visual push-up.  Experienced designers will probably find my Pshop skills really poor, but I'm really a rank amateur at this part of things.

 I loved the perversity of the crowned pig right next to the ham loaf recipe in this case.

Pig in crown - kellyKautz
Mushrooms - art-e-ology
Background - magpiearts
Hamloaf recipe - sassyarts
Background - magpiearts
Wild roses- t42goller
Rosewood font
Open Source brushes and Custom shapes

More Hybrid art blocks - analog and digital collage

If this snow doesn't quit I may lose it. They're threatening us with more of it at the end of the week. Sometimes I think the Minnesota art scene is a result of cabin fever. People tend to have one of two relationships with nature here - we're in the land of 10,000 contemplative landscape painters, and 10,000 quirky introverted screenprinters who never leave the studio. And one and only one Scott Seekins, goes without saying.

I've been meaning to get into some camera walks, but sadly my body is not being very helpful lately, and the only visually interesting views I've been getting are doctor's offices. Blah.  I'm not one of those people who's going to blog illness a lot, and no, I'm not going to keel over imminently, but I'll summarize it all with a hearty this sucks and get on to the art. 

Yes, it's my Calgon, my shrink, my transportational key outta here when things are dark.  I do see the work taking a more serious look on, but I'm trying to stay upbeat more often than not.  I'm also wondering how many people would be interested in possibly a course, or a swap or a blog hop or a challenge or some kind of social coming-together around what I'm choosing to call Hybrids (though my sweetie likes "digilog" or "origlicates")


More fun still with the hybrid technique.

This one is a work in progress, though almost done, I think.
Recognize her?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unique Editions: Paperyum @

I found some wooden shapes with some dimension, and started playing with decorative papers.

Then I started thinking about treating my own art as a collage sheet, using the epson to output different sizes of images from my work and my journals, and treating these as underpaintings.  Wow! This has really had some great results. Deco papers and hand stamping and embellishment, acrylic surface treatment and careful hand alteration and hand painting!

The best part, is that the result is a low cost way for my fine friends and fans to own UNIQUE art that is handmade! Fun!


Let's have a look at what's been added:

includes 7gypsies papers, my own art, acrylic, TPC studio stamps.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Are you entered to get GOLDEN paints free?

I'm a sucker for a good giveaway, and I'll make no bones about it: GOLDEN acrylics blow everything else out of the water.

So are YOU entered in the drawing that Cloth Paper Scissors is running?

Win this GOLDEN acrylics bundle @ Cloth Paper Scissors

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Added to the Shop - "Heart Girl" 8x8 print

Click for the latest shop addition: a print of "Heart Girl"  - 8x8 Epson Ultrachrome inks on Somerset Velvet Paper.

Work In progress

A fast look at one of my canvases in progress.

We had some nice weather. I've been trying to get a good hawk in silhouette photo.  This should be easy, because they're typically everwhere. There's almost a one-hawk-to-a-lightpole population density! Of course the days I actually HAVE the camera and go out with a purpose, there are no birds anywhere, practically.  This was the only good photo op I got in two days!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Illustration Feature - Found on the Web

I love when illustrators can get this succinct and this effective. This is a great little piece.