Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bon Appetit : Digital Collage

Quick and dirty digital collage for the Collage Circus group on Flickr.  The size is smallish, as the images were for online resolutions.

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Collage Circus posts a collage sheet for the group on a weekly basis, and everyone can submit a digital or analog version of what they choose to do with the elements.  Digital collage for me, is a good playtime, just a low-key visual push-up.  Experienced designers will probably find my Pshop skills really poor, but I'm really a rank amateur at this part of things.

 I loved the perversity of the crowned pig right next to the ham loaf recipe in this case.

Pig in crown - kellyKautz
Mushrooms - art-e-ology
Background - magpiearts
Hamloaf recipe - sassyarts
Background - magpiearts
Wild roses- t42goller
Rosewood font
Open Source brushes and Custom shapes

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