Thursday, April 18, 2013

Image Transfer - Hawk Image Transfers

I decided to play with some image transfer possibilities. I recently came across this magnificent page from a 1914 book on birds - my favorite raptors all on two sides, under no copyright (I researched.)  Natrually, I had to scan.

it's about to get messy

I covered some wood rounds in some decorative paper,  and augmented with pen, gesso, paint and distress inks. 

Then I used the wax paper method of transfer with my printer. Many many failures, one just about perfect, distressed but still legible. Boy that's not as easy as people make it look in the tutorials.  You really have to experiment with wetting and not wetting your surface, and different settings for the inking. I think I like the gel medium method better - it's still plenty unpredictable but legible more often.

Any tips for a better wax paper (label sheet with labels peeled off) inkjet transfer experience?

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  1. Am so intrigued with your art process. So glad I found you on milliande. I have not tried the wax paper method, will have to check it out.