Monday, January 20, 2014

Heart Stuffies - Victorian neo crazy quilt heart shaped mini pillows

I've been playing with digitally printed fabric! 

First I printed out some vintage images in a smallish scale.
Then I lightly fabric glued them down into an arrangement on some cotton duck stretched onto an embroidery hoop, tracing around them with a heart template.  

Then I painted and stamped a bit - I used my lumiere paints and fabric compatible metallic inks, and a little liquitex fiber medium with some acrylics.   

Then I dug into my collection of vintage lace, beads, millinery flowers, czech beads and  freshwater pearls! Embroidered fun ensued.

All of these are hand sewn - I find it easier than digging out the machine just for this small a piece. 

I can't wait to try some other things with the printable paper, some art dolls, some flat dolls, some ornaments! Have you had any results with printable fabric? Do you worry about the dye fastness, or are you pleased with your results? What printable fabric do you prefer?