Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wax On - Mixed Media wax finished collage art

I'm having a blast covering things with wax! Recognize the background images? I love to use up all of my various printer misfires - you never have to waste good paper!

First, I cut them up and tiled them into a background for this girl.

She's also a print out of one of my paintings - the painting is actually in a progress state, and what I'll do is scan the image before I do something silly to it. Every time I hit a stage of the painting that I like, I'll stop what I'm doing and scan. Then, in the event of a problem, I at least have an underpainting I like, or a record of the work when it was at a stage I thought sort of worked.

Anyhow, after collaging her onto the piece, I painted over her to change the hair, painted over the background, drew over things, stamped some butterflies onto her dress, sealed off the work, and added a layer of beeswax for that misty integrated look that I like. I rounded out a few things with sennelier oil pastels over the wax layer.

Would you consider a piece like this a print or an original? I think of it as an original - it's a mixed media piece with collage elements printed out - the collage elements happen to be things I've drawn and painted in the past in a lot of cases.

She's available for sale, and only one person will have a shot at her, clearly.  Visit my Etsy Shop . 
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  1. I love the misty effect the wax brings. I've never tried it. Does it make a mess? I love her purple lips and the whimsical butterflies. Certainly she is an original. Happy PPF

  2. Hi! Actually wax is pretty low-mess if you lay down a covering and use a quilting iron dedicated to wax to apply it. I just hold the iron to the block and drip what I want onto my image then work that over the surface.

    Sometimes I use a heat gun with a lot of fast movement to make the result a little less cake-frosting looking. I've seen people get completely flat surfaces and I have no idea how they do!

  3. She's lovely! i love the way beeswax looks. Someday, someday...

  4. She is gorgeous and what an interesting how you waste nothing!! You had me at the beautiful hair!! Someone will be a very lucky owner!

    Hugs Giggles