Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting messy again....gelatos and inktense journal pages

Peace of mind? Really? How journal schmournally. It's a well-trod sentiment. But peeps, my dear peeps, how I really really could use some in my life this week.

This page started with a hand stamp I carved. I call the pattern "cairn" - you can't really see a lot of evidence of it here, but I'll be showing it off a lot.  I'm LOVING carving my own stamps as a starting point - it's a great way to lay down a bunch of information onto that intimidating white page, and it's a nice way to keep the image vocabulary your own.

The flowers are collaged deco paper, though. I thought they went so nicely with the background I worked up with plenty of gelatos dripping. They do tend to migrate down the page in a different way from watercolors, it's hard to explain but you'll notice the difference if you try both.

Used inktense, gesso, posca, acrylic pen and ink, and lots of prismacolor here. It's nice to get messy again and get lot of deep saturated color.


  1. Can't wait to get a better idea of what the stamp looks like. I love hand carved stamps! Also, I've been so tempted to try gelatos, but I'd be disappointed if they were too similar to other supplies I have. They seem to just be really creamy watercolor crayons....right? Do they dry permanent, or does water reactivate them?

    1. I have a love hate. They are water reactivated. (meh) They are lipsticky in texture. (why?) but for this one application, the flooding over a gessoed surface? Man, they are nice for that and that alone.

  2. The colors are great - I'm curious about gelatos and in love with all water-based media, but I'm avoiding them. Mostly because I have no ROOM for them.. lol!

    I love her sweet face. and I hope you got a little peace of mind! :D xo!