Monday, February 17, 2014

Notes to self 2/17

  1.  Observation, u need more of it. even though you had decades of it. Do a daily (hahahahaaaha!) from photo or life or some public domain vintage source.
  2. Your inner critic is not a clueless mom, a less-than encouraging teacher or your inhibition. It's an honest to god Critic. Un-school for six months. Look at craft, look at anonymously made art.
  3.  Make peace with non-proportional folk bodies. You have some kind of meltdown over this, so do some and see if you still feel wrong. Why is it so hard to convincingly go back to what you were doing before you knew what to do?
  4. Have you done something bad, derivative or silly this week? If no, what's up?
  5. Figure out how to curate yourself later. Do a week's batch at a time maybe.

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