Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Additional Blog!

Hi blog peeps!

I've really enjoyed the FACES project, though I'm not sure I hit 29 it's been loads of information for me about new ways of working, new concerns, more discoveries than I can shake a stick at. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the next one, too!

One of my realizations is that I really like a bunch of different things and getting them all to sit happily under one umbrella isn't always working for me. This isn't the newest of news flashes, but it's making more sense lately.

I've started a paper craft / shabby craft blog - specifically for things I define more on the craft side than the art side. It's craft playtime in all its unapologetic glory! Craft teatime and cookie therapy - to which I stake a little claim. Also, I'll be doing challenges. Lots and lots of challenges. I'll be using stamps! Craziness, I know.

This blog is kind of my personal art incubator, for journaling, illustration, new techniques, brutally honest product bitching  reviews, also sometimes a tutorial or two in messy inky journaly stuff - I'm not sure where the limits of this are, but I do know that I need a separate place to make little heart-shaped things of paper and cloth.

So, if that kind of thing makes you happy, there's tons of it at...

Little Altered Heart!

Follow it if that's your thing.  Don't worry, I'll be posting here too.

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