Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chronicles Project week 5 that is not week 5

One of the hidden joys of doing 29 was finding the Chronicles Project over at Wonderstrange. Sarah's prompts and journal concerns seem as if they were tailor made for my brain.

Let's break it down - say you see a journal page with the word "dream" on it.

What does that tell you? What does that actually cause you to do?

I tend to get anxious. The problems in my life are not caused by a lack of vision, rather by a poor sense of implementation, sometimes within my control - just as often NOT within my control.

Results: look at happy pink spread. Feel miserable.

Chronicles is not about writing down "awesome!"  - it follows that best of literary rules.

Show don't tell.

So, my awesome. Let me show you it.

These are the parts of the week 5 prompts I decided to work with:

  1. Write about your favorite thing that happened this week.
  2. What song do you love this week?
  3. Take a picture of the thing that is making you really happy right now.
1. This is not a banner week. I know a lot of us have horrible autoimmune diseases, mine is making my life less than fabulous, though better than hospitalized, so not all is lost, right?  The wife made cookies and made things not completely implode all around me. That was awesomesauce.

2. Easy.  Avant Gardener. It's so awesome to me because it both deals with being sick in some fashion AND having that outside-of-yourself ability to laugh at the first-world-problems nature of being sick and outside the "old enough to be sick" demographic and the way that other people look at you or your worries about the way that other people look at you.

Also "The neighbors must think we run a meth lab. I should amend that, I pull up weeds" is particularly awesome.

3. I don't photograph my life. Which is funny, because photo was a huge interest of mine in art school daze past. I opened an instagram account, and took a picture of one of those little things in life that's making me SUPER happy (yeah I know wheat and sugar are inflammatory, but if a coffee and a cookie are going to kill me it's not worth it anyway.)

This would ordinarily go under the journal rubric "it's the little things." Amirite?

 A little repurposing of my own stuff. I printed a card, it misfired, I cut it up.

I don't hoard scrapping stuff, but I do have some, and since everyone has some psycho IP insane Angel policy for every sticker now, it can just go live in my journal.


  1. OHHHH how much do I love this?!! SO perfect. So awesome. So authentic and real and YAY. Thank you so much for joining!! <3

    1. Thank you so much for running this! World needs more!